Our Mission

The mission of this club shall be to develop the educational, civic and social interests of its members to advance the welfare of the community.

Supporting and raising funds for disadvantaged women, children and families is important work. Contributing to our local services such as the EMT (ambulance fund) and The Visiting Nurse Association is necessary. Nurturing an environment to meet new friends, socialize, and participate in fun activities is the key to our success.

As it was then, it is today… sixty years and still going strong. Through an endless array of fashion trends and creative hair-do’s the women of our community come together to make it happen. Through political turmoil and triumphs, speed of lightning advances in technology, a colorful movement in pop culture, we find the need to aid the less fortunate the same. And this wonderful community of Lower Makefield graciously steps up to the plate and meets the needs of our club’s endeavors. We are blessed to have an amazing and charitable group of business and corporate support when the need arises. Hence our motto, “We are all in this together." Won’t you join us? Click here to fill out an application form. Click here to contact us!

We are looking forward to meeting you.